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At Dream Mesh, we are passionate about positively disrupting the status quo. We know that the best ideas don't only come from big businesses or Research and Development departments in big corporations. Great ideas come from the minds of everyday people. Great ideas come from you.

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What we are looking for

We are looking for individuals with the most innovative, scalable and unique ideas that can solve a pre-existing challenge which Nigeria is currently facing.

Who Qualifies

Any Nigerian citizen who has a genius and disruptive idea that can create sustainable solutions which will affect cardinal points for Nigeria and create empowerment for many more citizens across the country.

What next

We will provide you steps and guides to ensure your idea is valid. While you wait, our team of experts, drawn from various sectors of the economy will go through and vet the ideas. At the end of the process, the successful applicants would be announced.

To Submit

Log in to www.begindreams.com, Note: Kindly ensure that your personal details and email address is valid and active as your activation email and all official correspondence will be linked to that email. Do not forget to invite your friends. Your idea could be worth millions of Naira.